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“What is VenuWorks and how do they play a part in TPAC’s management?”

In 2002, the TPAC Board of Trustees came to realize that to survive in the entertainment industry they would need to partner with a company that has a long history of experience and expertise in the touring event industry.

After much consideration, they chose VenuWorks a private for profit management company with its headquarters in Ames, IA. VenuWorks, with the input from the board, hired Barbara Wiggins in 2006 to run the Topeka Performing Arts Center. She and her staff of industry professionals work with the corporate entity to leverage national relationships with promoters and artists to book rental and co-promotional shows.

VenuWorks is America’s emerging leader in venue management, providing customized solutions for arenas, theatres and convention centers throughout the country, with management services that include operations, catering, concessions, along with the booking and marketing of sports and entertainment events.